ECAS membership

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ECAS membership benefits

Continuing medical education and training with the annual Congress of ECAS, an unlimited access to the JICE magazine and access to the latest news in the field.
Members are granted privileged congress fees (a discount higher than the annual dues) and free access to the online electronic version of the JICE (9 publications a year).

Joining ECAS also means entering a solid network and a new dynamic. Well over the certificate becoming a member of ECAS contributes to the development and acknowledgement of a career.

Membership categories and requirements

ECAS welcome new members who fulfill the membership requirements. The society welcomes the following membership applications:

Good Standing Member

Physicians are eligible for Good Standing Membership if their CV fulfills all of the following requirements:

a) Status in good standing in their respective communities;
b) The acquisition of an academic degree that reflects acceptable medical education for their country;
c) The completion of the training requirements in cardiology, pediatric cardiology or cardiothoracic surgery;
d) The requisite training in electrophysiology and/or pacing for their country;
e) (optional) Endorsements by at least two 2 members familiar with the applicant personally and with his/her professional work;

Scientists are eligible for Regular Membership if they fulfill all the following criteria:

a) Acquisition of PhD degree; academic or equivalent advanced degree;
b) Academic appointments or positions with research in cardiology, and arrhythmias including pharmacology, pacemaker / device technology;
c) (optional) Endorsements by at least two 2 members familiar with the applicant personally and his/her professional work.

Senior Member
Regular Members are eligible to become Senior Regular Members when they become sixty five (65) years old or disabled or retired.

Founding Member
Founding Members are outstanding Good Standing Members expert in the field demonstrating active support to ECAS.


Affiliate Member
Affiliate Members do not have voting privileges or the right to hold office, but are entitled to participate in the activities of the society. Are eligible:
a) Physicians, trainees in cardiology, pediatric cardiology, any subspecialty of cardiology or cardiothoracic surgery;
b) Scientists, during their doctoral period in fields of cardiology, arrhythmias, including pharmacology, pacemaker/device technology;

Associate Member (Allied Professional)
Associate Members do not have voting privileges or the right to hold office , but are entitled to participate in the activities of the society: The designation of “Associate Member” may be granted to specific persons individually; or to persons who have a genuine interest in the goals of the Society such as engineers, nurses, physicians’ assistants, technologists and technicians involved actively with the education, research, design, performance, and/or interpretation of therapies for patients with cardiac rhythm disorders.

Honorary Member
The designation of “Honorary Member” may be granted to distinguished persons regardless of whether they are Good standing Members.
Admissions: The Membership Review Committee will examine, in the first instance, the acceptability of credentials of applicants for membership and then submit it to the Board for approval. If the decision of the Membership Review Committee is not unanimous, the decision will be made by a majority vote of the Board.

Membership dues
Annual dues: Good Standing Members, Affiliate Members, and Associate Members are obligated to pay the respective dues of the Society and sponsor qualified applicants. Honorary Members and Senior Members are not so obligated solely by virtue of their status.
All members are encouraged to attend the Annual Scientific Sessions and to participate actively in the activities of the Society.