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Name of the disease :


Sinus node dysfunction (SND)

Introduction The sinoatrial or sinus node is a collection of specialized pacemaker cells near the junction of the right atrium


Definition In the normal heart, the impulse generated in the sinus node stops after sequential activation of atria and ventricles

Ectopic foci

Definitions The normal site of initiation of the cardiac impulse is the sinus node, where a spontaneous decline in the

Arial fibrillation

Definition In this arrhythmia, irregular atrial impulses occur at rates over 300/minute, uniform excitation of the atria is no longer

Brugada Syndrome

Definition Brugada syndrome is a rare, hereditary condition characterized by an abnormal electrocardiogram (ECG) and the occurrence of heart rhythm

Management of syncope

The management of syncope depends on its cause. This article will focus on reflex causes, which are the most common.